Statement by Assemblywoman Garcia On The Primary Election Results

by: Leo Briones

Downey, CA – Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia issued the following statement on yesterday’s election victory.

“I have never believed that elections are about individual politicians but rather they are about the people and the people’s right to exercise their will as voters. In that spirit, I see yesterday’s election results as a victory for the hardworking families of the 58th district.

Like many districts across California, southeast Los Angeles county has many challenges. We need more honest government, better educational and employment opportunities for our young people, greater access to affordable healthcare, and because of our proximity to industrial pollution we desperately need cleaner air to breathe, water to drink, and neighborhoods to live in.

I do believe that it is important that we set the record straight on this election.  As a legislator, I have taken a strong stand on the issue of environmental justice. Because the community and I were successful in passing strong laws to protect the people, it angered the leadership of a special interest closely aligned to big oil. Their anger was fierce, and they decided to orchestrate a well-funded political attack on me to diminish this emerging movement for environmental justice.

These actions taken by a few leaders of special interest groups in California are a threat to our democracy.   I take solace in the fact that ultimately our democracy belongs to the people, and yesterday, they made a profound statement that environmental justice, honest government and advocacy for woman and children matter to them.

In November, the voters of the 58th Assembly District will come together again to select who represents them and I am confident our values will continue to win.

I thank the voters of the 58th Assembly District for standing up for our values yesterday. This victory is theirs and I look forward to continuing to work with them to secure justice and equality for all communities in California.”

– Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia



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