Making California work for everyone.

About Cristina

As a Latina Woman, Cristina knows first hand the inequality facing our communities and will stop at nothing to change it.

Priority Legislation

Since its graduation season, #FBF to my senior year @ Bell Gardens HS, I was voted Class Einstein w/Peter Wu (ak

#WinLikeAGirl @lenagonzalez33 Excited to work with you for all Californians. One step closer to parity in the legis

Exciting to see @MontebelloCity joins the #menstrualequity movement by offering free & accessible menstrual product

Good step forward, lots more to do. Couldn't of said it better It is still far too cheap to pollute and its far t

Tissue is a good boy, he's 10 yrs old but still has spirit of a puppy. He makes me go on nice sunny walks w/ him, m

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