Assemblywoman Garcia Receives Glowing Recognition For Equality & Social Justice Legislative Record

by: Leo Briones

Planned Parenthood 100% Rating

CALPIRG 100% Rating

Common Sense Kids Action 100% Rating

County Behavioral Health Directors Association California “A” Rating

Los Angeles Progressive Criminal Justice Scorecard “A+” Rating

Downey, CA–  Fighting for equality and social justice has always been one of the core reasons Assemblywoman Garcia ran for elective office.  Her work to advocate for equality for all people in California has been recognized by many organizations that rate the voting and advocacy record of legislators each year.  This year is no different where Assemblywoman Garcia has received 100% ratings from key social justice and equality advocacy groups from around California.

Planned Parenthood’s 2017 Legislative Scorecard gives Assemblywoman Garcia a 100% rating.  In 2016, Planned Parenthood included Assemblywoman Garcia’s AB 1561, Tampon Tax repeal, as one of their key pieces of legislation in calculating scores.  Assemblywoman Garcia scored 100% on the Planned Parenthood Legislative Scorecards in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.  “I am very proud to have received this 100% rating by Planned Parenthood California for 5 years in a row.  I have worked hard to ensure equality in California and to receive a 100% rating is an honor” expressed Assemblywoman Garcia.

Assemblywoman Garcia has also received high marks by other organizations for her staunch voting record in support of key social justice and equality legislation across education, health, criminal justice reform and protecting children.  CALPIRG gave Assemblywoman Garcia a 100% rating for her votes for consumer protections, prescription drug costs, clean energy and ensuring fair and open elections.

Additionally, Common Sense Kids Action has also recognized Assemblywoman Garcia for her work advocating for California’s children by giving her their highest “For Kids” rating.  This rating is given to legislators who scored 90% or above on the 56 pieces of legislation used to create the scores.  The key pieces of legislation used to create the ranking included Assemblywoman Garcia’s AB 10 that provided low-income students free menstrual products and ensuring their equal access to a full education.

“I am honored that Commons Sense Kids Action would recognize that my AB 10 is an equality issue for low-income students and removing the real barriers girls face in having full access to educational opportunities.  I am honored to have received their ‘For Kids’ rating” stated Assemblywoman Garcia.

In the area of Criminal Justice Reform, Assemblywoman Garcia also received a “A+” grade in the most recent scorecard published by Los Angeles Progressive Criminal Justice Scored.  The scorecard looked at 31 pieces of legislation that address inequalities in our criminal justice system.

Finally, the County Behavioral Health Directors Association, California issued their 2016-17 Legislative Scorecard and gave Assemblywoman Garcia an “A” grade for her strong votes supporting key mental health legislation.  The key pieces of legislation used to determine the grade were in areas of housing and homelessness, children and youth, Mental Health Services Act, substance use disorders and criminal justice.


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