Assemblywoman Garcia Celebrates Victories in AD 58

by: Cristina Garcia

November 15th, 2016

Bell Gardens, CA – Assemblywoman Garcia extends her congratulations to the newly elected officials in the 58th district.

Assemblywoman Garcia took an active role this year in cultivating principled, ethical leadership for her district. She extends warm wishes to the newest member of the Downey City Council Blanca Pacheco, who will be the first woman on the council in over a decade. Cristina also endorsed Alex Saab, who won his re-election to that same body.

Additionally, she is proud of the legacy Marisa Perez and Carmen Avalos have built on the Cerritos College Board of Trustees and for their re-election to the board this year.

Assemblywoman Garcia also supported Measure D in Bellflower. Now that the measure has passed, the Bellflower City Council will be elected by district, rather than at-large, to ensure that every community has a voice in the City.

“This was a tough election, but I am so proud of the local leaders and laws that will shape this district for years to come. I look forward to working with our new elected officials on the issues that matter most to this community, and I hope that we can serve our constituents with the transparency and integrity they deserve.”

Born and raised in the community of Bell Gardens, Cristina got start as an activist for higher ethical standards in government in 2010 when her city was faced with a massive corruption scandal. She organized a coalition of concerned citizens, formed the Bell Association to Stop Abuse (BASTA) and they successfully ousted the corrupt officials and established accountability and transparency in her local government. Then she ran for the 58th Assembly District in the fall of 2012 on a platform of ethics reform and good governance. She saw the problems in Sacramento and wanted to put the State Legislature back to work for the people of California. When she was elected, she went to Sacramento and did just that. As a vibrant new leader of promise, Cristina Garcia hasn’t forgotten where she came from, but with purpose, she also knows where California should be going.

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