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May Madness Continues – $50,000 In New Union Member and Nonprofit Organization Money Moves Into Fight Over 58th Assembly District

Downey, CA–  A new act of May Madness was reported yesterday by the political front group Working Californians Against Corruption with their latest Form 497 Late Contribution Report showing an additional $50,000 in new contributions received from groups, including San Diego based nonprofit organizations, tied to the leadership of the State Building and Construction Trades […]

Assemblywoman Garcia Receives Glowing Recognition For Equality & Social Justice Legislative Record

Planned Parenthood 100% Rating CALPIRG 100% Rating Common Sense Kids Action 100% Rating County Behavioral Health Directors Association California “A” Rating Los Angeles Progressive Criminal Justice Scorecard “A+” Rating Downey, CA–  Fighting for equality and social justice has always been one of the core reasons Assemblywoman Garcia ran for elective office.  Her work to advocate […]

California Building Trades Finally Admit Their Attack Against Assemblywoman Garcia Is Payback For Her Advocacy For Working Families and Environmental Justice

As chair of the Assembly’s Natural Resources Committee, Assemblywoman Garcia, has moved the environmental dialogue to recognize the need to create policies that address public health concerns in working communities. Downey, CA–  After months of political attacks, State Building and Construction Trades Council President Robbie Hunter finally acknowledged that the true reason for his groups onslaught of […]

Assemblywoman Garcia’s Support For Unions & Workers Shines With 100% Rating By California Labor Federation

American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees (AFSCME) 100% Rating United Domestic Workers 100% Rating California Teachers Association “A” Grade California Federation of Teachers 100% Rating   Downey, CA–  A lifelong staunch supporter of working Californians, Assemblywoman Garcia proudly shares her 100% rating that she has received from the California Labor Federation.  In their […]

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