May Madness Continues – $50,000 In New Union Member and Nonprofit Organization Money Moves Into Fight Over 58th Assembly District

by: Leo Briones

Downey, CA–  A new act of May Madness was reported yesterday by the political front group Working Californians Against Corruption with their latest Form 497 Late Contribution Report showing an additional $50,000 in new contributions received from groups, including San Diego based nonprofit organizations, tied to the leadership of the State Building and Construction Trades Council of California.

In the eyebrow raising report, Working Californians Against Corruption received two $12,500 contributions from the San Diego based social welfare nonprofits the San Diego County Building Trades Council Family Housing Corporations No. 1 & No 2, DBA National City Park Apartments.  In addition, $25,000 was contributed by the California State Pipe Trades Council Political Fund based in Sacramento.  This brings the total movement of union member and nonprofit organization money to the Working Californians Against Corruption to $500,000.

“It is an interesting development to see that the latest contributions received by Working Californians Against Corruption includes $25,000 from San Diego based nonprofit organizations formed for the purpose to increase low-income housing.  It highlights just how far our nation continues to slide into a political and campaign environment that has no boundaries” expressed campaign spokesperson William Schlitz.


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