Donald Trump: Conflict of Interests

by: Cristina Garcia

The President-elect will face a growing list of conflicts of interests when he takes office next year. We already know who Donald Trump is — a man who is unfit to be commander in chief.

It’s clear Trump has no problem putting his interests ahead of the interests of the American people.

We put together a quick list of the conflicts of interests that we know about so far:

1. U.S. Properties — Donald Trump’s resorts and hotels can go for as much as $20,000 a night. The Washington Post reported that special interest lobbyists are already looking to book the Trump Washington hotel as a way of showing their support for him and to get access to the White House.

2. Foreign Interests — There are a number of business deals Trump has made directly with foreign governments or people  who have strong connections to them. Most notably, he has real estate projects in Saudi Arabia — whose leaders have praised Trump’s campaign.

3. Family Matters — Trump’s family has already been involved with his transition team. It’s rumored his son-in-law will be named a senior White House official. And, Ivanka Trump recently sat in on a meeting Trump had with the ambassador from Japan.

4. Ongoing Legal Disputes and Union Fights — Currently, Trump is involved in a number of disputes with labor unions representing employees at Trump businesses. Union leaders will keep a close eye to see if Trump will try and use his power to tip the scales in his favor.

5. Lending, Financial Institutions and Economic Policy — The Trump organization has financial ties to foreign lenders, including Russia and China. Trump’s economic policy decisions will have a direct effect on hundreds of millions of dollars he has invested abroad.

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