California Fair Political Practices Commission Rejects Dirty Political Attack On Assemblywoman Garcia

by: Leo Briones

California Fair Political Practices Commission Rejects Dirty Political Attack On Assemblywoman Garcia


Downey, CA–  The State of California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) announced that the recent sworn complaint filed against Assemblywoman Garcia has been dismissed and that an investigation will not be opened.

On April 25, 2018 the FPPC informed Assemblywoman Garcia that a complaint had been filed against her alleging violations of the Political Reform Act’s campaign disclosure provisions, economic interest disclosure provisions, and gift limit provisions.  The complaint was filed by professional opposition researcher Geoffrey Anderson of Oakland, California and it is unclear if he or his non-profit organization are being paid for this attack.  After a review the FPPC rejected the claims and will not be opening any investigations.  “The complaint lacked credulity and is part of a larger effort try to remove one of California’s champions against political corruption from political office.  If Mr. Anderson is truly committed to openness and transparency he would disclose who is funding him and his non-profit Public Research & Education Project,” said Garcia campaign spokesperson William Schlitz.

In fact since being elected, Assemblywoman Garcia has led the fight against political corruption in California.  In 2014, she authored a series of legislation known as the Political Conduct, Ethics and Public Trusts Acts.  This package of political reform measures was authored to provide increased accountability and promote transparency and trust in state and local government.

The Political Conduct, Ethics and Public Trust Acts that are now state law include:

AB 1673 – Eliminating Influence Peddling

Prevents lobbyists from hosting unreported political fundraisers at their homes and offices.

AB 1666 – Penalties – Bribes

Doubles the existing restitution amounts and prohibits the use of campaign funds to pay a restitution fine under this section.

AB 1692 – Personal Use of Campaign Funds

Prevents campaign funds from being used to pay for fines that result from abuse of campaign funds for personal use.

AB 2040 – Detailed Disclosure of Government Compensation

Expands the details of what a state or local government agency must publicly disclose concerning governmental salaries, benefits and per diem.

AB 1728 – Conflicts Stemming from Contributions

Prevents appointed members of water boards who are running as candidates from making decisions that affect contributors or potential contributors who appear before them in a proceeding involving a license, permit or entitlement for use.

AB 1596 – Vote by Mail

Requires all vote-by-mail applications, when completed, to be mailed directly to the county registrar’s office and not to middlemen or political campaign organizations.

“I am very proud of the anti-corruption legislation that I have authored and was signed into law by the Governor. It is my hope that during this election cycle that everyone will discard ‘good ol boy dirty politics’ and embrace the need for honesty and transparency in our elections,” concluded Assemblywoman Garcia.







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