Assemblywoman Garcia’s Work For Environmental Justice Earns High Grades & Honors

by: Leo Briones

California League of Conservation Voters 94% Rating

Sierra Club California 92% Rating


Downey, CA‚Äst Assemblywoman Garcia has worked diligently since her election to ensure that there is a clean and healthy environment for all Californians.¬† Specifically, her work for environmental justice issues has earned her high praise and recognition by organizations such as the Sierra Club California and the California League of Conservation Voters.

In the most recent Sierra Club Legislative Report Card, Assemblywoman Garcia earned a 92% rating for her support of key environmental legislation in 2017.¬† In fact, Assemblywoman Garcia‚Äôs AB 378 that would have ensured that ‚Äúlocal communities would not suffer greater local air pollution‚ÄĚ was one of the key bills used to create the 2017 ratings.¬† Her work on AB 378 and environmental justice issues also led to the California Sierra Club honoring Assemblywoman with their Political Leadership Award in 2017.

At the same time, the California League of Conservation Voters gave Assemblywoman Garcia a 94% rating for her work on environmental issues in 2017.  Again, her AB 378 was one of the key pieces of environmental legislation that was used to determine the ratings for each member of the Legislature.

‚ÄúCalifornia has always led the nation on environmental policies.¬† Unfortunately, these achievements have not reached all our communities.¬† I was proud to author AB 378 and help ensure that environmental justice issues were a key discussion point with Governor Brown when extending California‚Äôs cap-and-trade program.¬† I will continue to stand up for our communities and work to ensure that all Californians benefit from legislation to protect clean air, clean water and healthy communities‚ÄĚ said Assemblywoman Garcia.


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