Assemblywoman Garcia’s Support For Unions & Workers Shines With 100% Rating By California Labor Federation

by: Leo Briones

American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees (AFSCME) 100% Rating

United Domestic Workers 100% Rating

California Teachers Association “A” Grade

California Federation of Teachers 100% Rating


Downey, CA–  A lifelong staunch supporter of working Californians, Assemblywoman Garcia proudly shares her 100% rating that she has received from the California Labor Federation.  In their published “A Force for Progress 2017 – Labor’s Legislative Scorecard”, the California Labor Federation once again gave Assemblywoman Garcia their highest rating and stated that the legislative scorecard and the associated ratings “is about standing up for what we believe in, showing leadership in hard times, and taking up the charge to fight for workers’ rights at every opportunity. We salute those fighters who stood with workers 100% of the time.”

“There are many legislative scorecards published each year and everyone uses them to see who the true leaders are in California.  I am very proud to have received a 100% rating by the California Labor Federation for the 4th year in a row.  I have been and will always stand with workers and their unions on key issues that ensure justice and equality for all Californians.  I proudly celebrate this rating and thank all the union members who work everyday to make California the golden state” said Assemblywoman Garcia.

Assemblywoman Garcia has earned 100% ratings from the California Labor Federation in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.  This rating was earned by supporting key pieces of legislation that addressed issues such as repairing Californian’s infrastructure, creating more affordable housing, protecting worker’s retirement, protecting healthcare, ensuring a living wage and protecting the fundamental rights of workers to organize.

In addition to receiving the 4th 100% rating in a row by the California Labor Federation, Assemblywoman Garcia also received a 100% rating by the American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees (AFSCME) as was listed as a AFSCME California 2017 Hall of Champions member.  Assemblywoman Garcia was also given a 100% voting record rating by the United Domestic Workers for her strong support for California’s seniors, people with disabilities, working families and California’s in-home caregivers.

“I am honored to stand with AFSCME California and United Domestic Workers members and fight to ensure that we protect workers’ rights, in-home caregivers, patient care, end irresponsible contracting out practices, and stand for the rights of workers to unionize” expressed Assemblywoman Garcia.

California’s teachers have also given Assemblywoman Garcia high grades for her work in the State Assembly.  In their 2017-18 Legislative Scorecard, the California Teacher’s Association gave Assemblywoman Garcia an A.  The California Federation of Teachers gave Assemblywoman Garcia an 100% rating.  These 100% and A ratings were given for her votes supporting California’s teachers, students and public schools.

“As a former math teacher, I love receiving A’s and 100% scores from California’s teachers.  Supporting our teachers is crucial to ensuring a bright future for all our children.  I am humbled to receive these ratings” concluded Assemblywoman Garcia.


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