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On the Issues

Human Rights and Gender Equality

Assemblymember Cristina Garcia is a warrior for women’s rights. This year, she championed a bill that would end the unfair tax on feminine hygiene products. Although California Governor Jerry Brown vetoed the bill, Assemblymember Garcia remains committed to fighting the unjust taxation of women and plans to reintroduce a new, more comprehensive bill to abolish the tampon tax in the next session.


As a former math teacher, Assemblymember Garcia is a strong proponent for quality education. For thirteen years, Garcia worked as a middle school, high school, and college math teacher. She saw firsthand that kids must first feel safe in order to thrive in the classroom. In reaction to the growing epidemic of cyber-bullying, Assemblymember Garcia authored legislation designed to protect our children.

Environmental Justice

In the wake of the Exide Battery Plant disaster, Cristina Garcia took on Sacramento’s systemic apathy towards the victims of Exide and proposed AB 2153, also known as the Lead-Acid Battery Recycling Act of 2016.

Open and Honest Government

Assemblymember Garcia’s political career was ignited when corruption gripped her hometown. She responded to the scandal by forming BASTA, the Bell Association to Stop the Abuse and successfully prevented the perpetrators from being reelected.

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